Speakers are available from the Patrick Henry Chapter to make presentations to schools, community groups, and civic organizations on a variety of topics relating to the Revolutionay War and the founding of the United States.    To arrange for a speaker  use the Contact Us link at the top of this page and an officer will respond to your request.

Topics that can be presented include:

Historic American Flags

Patriot Chest Program - Intended for Elementary and Middle School aged students in Public Schools, Private Schools, and Home School situations

Flags of the Revolutionary War Era

Proper care and display of the American Flag - Can be presented to both student or adult groups

The SAR and what we do - Intended to educate the public and provide outreach to local civic, patriotic, and fraternal organizations

General History of the Revolutionary War - Can be presented to High School Classes, local Civic Organizations, or other interested groups including the D.A.R. or C.A.R

The life of a Revolutionary Soldier - Intended for students ages 11 - 18 

The Revolutionary War United States Navy - Can be present to students or interested local Civic Organization


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