In Virginia, West Virginia, and the Carolina's

Battle of Cowpens - The Battle of Cowpens was a major American Victory in the Revolutionary War.  It was the first time that the American Army was able to conduct a double envelopment of the British Forces.  Cowpens is near Spartanburg, SC.  The Battle occurred on January 17th 1781 and the site is now a National Park.   

Crossing of the Dan - This event commemorates the crossing of the Dan River near present day South Boston, VA.  Under General Nathanial Greene the American Army of the South was able to complete the crossing and escape the forces of Lord Cornwallis.  This tactical withdrawal allowed the American Army to regroup and later return to North Carolina and engage the British Forces under Lord Cornwallis near Guilford Court House.

Battle of Guilford Court House - This battle marked a turning point in the Revolutionary War.  The battle was fought on March 15, 1781 near modern day Greensboro, NC.   Forces under the command of General Nathanial Greene confronted the British Army under the command of Lord Cornwallis.  Though the American Army was ultimately forced to withdraw; the casualties suffered by the British and their need for re-provisioning lead Cornwallis to move to the east coast and finally Yorktown, VA where he was put under siege by Washington and forced to surrender.

Yorktown Day - This is the observance of the last battle of the Revolutionary War and the surrender of Lord Cornwallis  on October 19, 1781.  The event is held  at the National Park Service's Yorktown Historical Park.  There are various activities which include a wreath laying at the Victory Monument, a parade, and several social events.

Battle of Point Pleasant - This battle was a conflict between Virginia militia and the Indian tribes of the Ohio River Valley.  it occurred in October of 1774.  The conflict is sometimes referred to as the first battle of the Revolutionary War.  The gathering for this ceremony takes place at the current day Tu-Endie-Wei State Park in West Virginia.

The Raid on Martin's Station -  This annual event is held at  Wilderness State Park in Ewing, VA.  during the month of May

Other State and Local Observances

Patrick Henry's Birthday May 29th at Patrick Henry's Red Hill National Memorial and Gravesite. - Sponsored by Patrick henry Chapter SAR.

James Madison Birthday  (March 16th )

Thomas Jefferson Birthday  (April 13th)

James Monroe Birthday (April 28th)

Washington's Birthday  ( February  11th ) 

Crossing of the Banister River (February 10th)

Battle of Great Bridge December 3th)

Various state initiative programs, special events, and chapter ceremonies as published on the Virginia SAR website


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