The Patrick Henry Chapter has set its Chapter dues at $15.00 per year.   National and State Dues are assessed  in addition  Chapter dues.
For 2022 the National Dues will be $35.00 and the State Dues $25.00
The total Dues necessary for the year 2022 will be $35 + $25 + $15 equaling the sum of $75.00
Notes and exceptions
1.  Duel members of the Patrick henry Chapter within Virginia will only pay the Chapter Dues of $15 as they will be paying their National and State Dues through their primary Chapters.
2. Dual Members from outside of Virginia will pay the $15 Chapter Dues and the $25 State Dues.
3. New members who were approved after September 1st, 2021 are credited with payments made at the time of their original application and are not billed for National, State, or Chapter Dues. 
4. Dues Notices will be sent out in mid-October with Payment of the Dues expected by late  November as we must submit our reports and fees to the State by December 1st

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